Kylie Fashion


To celebrate K25 Kylie released a book that showcases her 25 year career through fashion. The book spans 224 pages and is filled with hundreds of iconic images as well as the very best rare and unseen archival photography, video outtakes, fashion sketches, designs and ephemera. The book features a prologue written by Jean-Paul Gaultier. The book was also released in German in March 2013. Kylie has since held three ‘Kylie Fashion’ signings in the following cities; London, Sydney and New York


Goddess Edition


The Goddess Edition is a collector’s limited edition book which was released shortly after Kylie’s Aphrodite World Tour had concluded. The book, which contained pop-ups illustrating sections from Kylie’s Aphrodite Tour feature in the book as well as images of Kylie during the tour, was limited to 1000 copies. The book, unlike any other before, also included a copy of her latest album Aphrodite and was also accompanied with a special AR (Augmented Reality) app




The K-Book was an exclusive limited edition photo book with hundreds of previously unseen photos of Kylie. The Book came with a plastic hard case and only 1000 copies of the book were personally signed by Kylie and her long time friend and stylist William Baker. A few extra, unsigned copies have since been released and today the book can be purchased in a slightly smaller paperback version. The Hardback version of the K-Book was originally sold during Kylie’s KylieX2008 Tour


Showgirl Princess


The Showgirl Princess was Kylie’s first go at writing a children’s book. With the story line based on her Showgirl Tour. It features photos of Kylie taken by Stylist William Baker super-imposed onto beautiful illustrations drawn by Swan Park. The book was released as a hardback by Puffin Books. Kylie herself stated that she wanted this book to have a positive attitude towards young people. The book was translated into both Italian and Spanish and a postcard and stickerbook of the same name were also released although these are harder to come by

Kylie: LaLaLa


Kylie: LaLaLa was the first book with Kylie as the main author. It was released soon after the release of the album Fever and came in both a Hardback and Paperback version. The paperback version of the book also features a different front cover and is slightly smaller than it’s hardback counterpart. A second run of the book was released shortly after the completion of Kylie’s KylieFever2002 tour, being slightly updated to include extra images from the KylieFever tour.


Kylie Evidence


Kylie Evidence is a rare 152 page book released in 1999. Also known as “Kylie” the book was written by Chris Heath in conjunction with William Baker and features a preface written by Kylie. The book came in both a hardback and paperback version. The book features Kylie’s many different personas both public and private and also includes material taken from Kylie’s own archives from “Neighbours” to more recent (For the time) photographic shoots with photographers including Ellen von Unwerth and Stephanie Sednaoui.

Kylie “Coffee Table Book”


1994 PROMO Book; Record Label: Deconstruction

The Kylie “Coffee Table Book” was released in 1994 as a UK Promotional only Over-Sized photograph book featuring lots of sexy & sultry shots some which at the time had never been seen before. This book was limited to only 500 copies and was quite stunning being packed in a hard backed, ribbon bound box. This book is now extremely hard to find


Kylie Bible


The Kylie Bible is a rare 16-page book with unpublished photos of Kylie in A4 format. The book was published in conjunction with an exclusive British fashion magazine “Dazed & Confused” in 1994 and contains black-and-white photos of Kylie which were taken during the photo shoot for the eponymous album “Kylie Minogue”. The Kylie Bible was strategically timed to be released around the same time as the release of the eponymous album as well as the lead single Confide In Me